The Martini Bar

Step inside our Broadway Location and work your way to the back of the room where you will find yourself surrounded by dark wood, ornate chandeliers and a beautiful mirrored wall stacked high with liquor.  Welcome to the Dilettante Martini Bar where you can select from 20 unique martinis - half of them incorporating a large portion of decadent chocolate into the mix.  The perfect place for a cozy date or a night cap, some of our favorite concoctions are listed below...

Ephemere Martini - Ephemere truffle sauce & a generous portion of vodka
Sea Salt Caramel - Ephemere truffle sauce, fresh cream caramel sauce, vodka & caramel Bailey's with a salted coco rim.
Ephemere Manhattan - ephemere truffle sauce, premium Kentucky bourbon & bitters
The Rose - rose champagne & black cherry vodka garnished with an edible flower

Dilettante Martini Bar