Mocha Menu

The flagship of all of our cafes is our signature "Mocha Menu."  The chocolate used to create our incredible Mochas & Hot Chocolates is melted in pots right behind our counters.  We do not use traditional sugary syrups to create our drinks & we guarantee you'll be able to taste the difference.  We also hand select and roast our own coffee to ensure it is paired perfectly to your chocolate of choice.  Choose from 5 cacao percentages or indulge in a Viennese or Mexicano variety.  Visit one of our cafes to explore the entire list of options.

            What's your favorite?
Dilettante Melted Chocolate

Extra Dark: A full bodied & semi-dry blend of pure chocolate from the Ivory Coast and Columbia

Dark: A Venezuelan blend of pure chocolate with floral aromas

Ephemere Dark: Chocolate truffle sauce with dark chocolate,cream, butter & vanilla; smooth & rich

Milk: Pure double-cream chocolate from rich Criollo cacao; caramel and nut flavor aromas

White: Pure cocoa butter, double cream & vanilla