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Dilettante Chocolates Bing Cherries 24 oz Pouch

Chocolate Covered Bing Cherries - 24 oz

4.83 stars, based on 36 reviews
Chocolate Covered Dried Bing Cherries from Dilettante Chocolates contain real Bing cherry centers covered in natural gourmet chocolate. These delicious chocolate covered cherries are made in special revolving kettles using only the finest...
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Reviews 1-15 of 36
West Monroe, LA

This product is marvelous! I can not get enough. The chocolate is so mellow and flavorful and the cherries are divine!

I purchased 4 bags of the Chocolate Coated Bing Cherries (24oz) ~3 weeks ago and am down to my last bag!!! I have eaten them all by myself. I would share, but that is too difficult to do with these candies. These are so good!!

Seattle WA.

Very fresh cherries. Very smooth, not waxy chocolate. In a word "Delicious!"

Clifton NJ

Great combination of chocolate & fruit (cherries). My wife and I love the flavor. Whomever I give them to really enjoys them. I would definatley recommend this product. The only downside is I can curb my appetite. Thanks!!!


A True Test of Taste and Time

These used to be available through Costco in Canada years ago. For unknown reasons they no longer were available anywhere here. We rationed the last large bag. Then it dawned on me, maybe I could find the address somewhere on the small print of the bag to write, or call. Finding the e-mail address was even better. I clipped the label off the bag, put it in a drawer, and forgot. While cleaning the drawer one day I found the label. It was close to Christmas so to surprise everyone I ordered several bags. But just in case they all might be eaten, I shamefully decided to hide one of the bags in my parent's cold storage. You know how sometimes you hide something so well that you forget where you put mom found the bag this summer. Three and a half years in hiding. There was just a slight discoloration on a top few because the bag had been open and resealed. My mom said,"Throw them out. They have to be spoiled by now." I couldn't. Not without at least trying one first. To my surprise there was absolutely no deterioration in taste or quality. The cherries were still big and plump. The chocolate fresh tasting. I know the cold storage kept them well preserved. But it still speaks volumes to the purity and quality of ingredients used; how they are made; and a great seal on the bag. It was a welcome surprise. I have just a few still kind of hidden until my next order will arrive. Christmas 2012 will have a new batch!

Philadelphia, PA

Absolutely Superb

I rave about these to anyone who will listen. Sometimes it's hard to get some to taste them, but once you explain it's not a cordial they're happy to try. I'm a big cherry person. Dilettante's chocolate coated bings are sublime.



I really like these! I'm not a big chocolate eater, but these are wonderful. The combination of the smooth chocolate, wrapped around a plump bing cherry is almost sinful. My daughter gave me a 7oz bag for Christmas (2012), I finally found them at a super wal-mart today. My Sis and I bought the last 3 bags. Yum Yum!


Love the chocolate covered Bing cherries. Plenty of rich cherry flavor and chocolate is smooth. Two or three of them and you're completely satisfied because they are so large. Will order more very soon.



I found these amazing cherries at Ross one day and decided to try them . . .

WOW, it doesn't get any better then a little handful of these delicious cherries everyday. I'm now a regular shopper online!

Best chocolates ever!!!!!!

I love them they are delicious, soft, delightful. The flavor is perfect, the color so nice, I just recommend them for chocolate and fruit lovers!! They are definitely the best.

Vancouver, BC

Big Cherries

I usually buy the choc. covered cherries from a shop at Pike Market. The other day I was in one of their mocha cafes and saw one small tub for $10 and yet the cherries look so BIG compared to the ones from the Market. Well when I took them home to try, the cherries are plump and flavorful than the other ones which are much drier and shriveled! I went online and ordered 3 bags so now I can share them with my friends :-)And also it was super fast shipping.


By far the best Chocolate covered cherries in the world!!

I have had many chocolate covered cherries and none compare by far!!! Cherries are plump and tart and the chocolate is truly to die for !! I am truly addicted to these and have been for awhile, I found these at my local wal-mart and I have driven to different wal-marts to get them if my local one is out of them, I think they are worth it!! I would not waste my money on any other type of so called chocolate covered cherry


Cherries to die for....

I have loved chocolate covered bing cherries for years. I haven't been able to find them for a very long time. My husband gave me the gift size pouch for Christmas, and I was ecstatic!! Since I do most of my shopping on line I checked my favorite browser and found your company. After I finished my little happy dance, I ordered two of the 24 oz pouches and have almost finished both bags. I tried to spread them out a bit but my gluttony took over. I am getting ready to order them again, and this time I will try to make them last longer than two weeks. Thank you for producing such a wonderfully tasty product and thank you for getting them to me so soon. Best chocolate covered bing cherries available anywhere!!



The chocolate coated cherries are delicious. I ordered 2 bags and they were gone in no time. They are addicting, so I ordered some more, but I am saving for the Christmas holidays.

Wilmington, NC

Chocolate Cherry Chocolate Heaven

Oh my Heaven's Lewis!!! My review is essentially all of the other 28 reviews put together...except for the one that mentioned ordering 4 bags and they were almost gone in 3 weeks...BUT...I'm working on making that one a reality as well.

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Reviews 1-15 of 36

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