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Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley®

Classic Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley® - 24 oz

4.73 stars, based on 15 reviews
Stock up on your favorite Dilettante Fruit Medley® Assortment with this handy 24 ounce resealable pouch. Featuring our classic Fruit Medley® mixture of apricots, blueberries, cherries, and strawberries covered in blends of gourmet milk,...
Reviews 1-15 of 15

mmmmm,love the chocolate covered dried fruit...never knew I liked fruit so much!


Incredible - chocolate covered fruit has to be done just right, and this is the best I've ever had. Apricots and strawberries particularly delectable!

Incredible - chocolate covered fruit has to be done just right, and this is the best I've ever had. Apricots and strawberries particularly delectable!

West Monroe, LA

I purchased my bag of fruit medley, along with the cherry, at a local grocer. The cherries were magnificently splendid! When I bit into the chocolates for all the flavors of the fruit medley, with the exception of the blueberry, I received an odd and mildly offensive taste that permeated the whole bag of chocolate fruit.


Love the Chocolate Fruit Medley. First got them from Trader Joe's in FL when on vacation this year. Since the closest TJ for me is 6 hrs away, I prayed I could find them on the Internet and thank goodness, I did! These are the type of sweets where you say "I'll just eat three." Then after 4 or 5 more, you ask someone to hide them. They are a great gift also.


I love chocolate and this is one of the best chocolate products i have had in years. I love them and get a package every few weeks. I have a few every night after supper for a little reward for myself. I would like to say that i like one flavor over the other but really can't, i love all 4. If you haven't tried them and you like these fruits and love chocolate, their a must.


A refreshing new presentation to an old favorite

The first time sample of this fresh fruit flavor complemented by the fine quality chocolate created an unbeatable taste treat. I thought I had tasted every variety of dried fruit-chocolate combination, but I was happily surprised with this fruit medley.

Absolutely the best!

I purchase these when I go to Walmart. I leave them in the cupboard and reward myself with a few when I have had a good day or a bad day. I just sent my mom a 2lb package for Mothers Day!

Dallas, TX

Addictive. Amazing.

Just found these at Costco and we are all addicted! We've gone through several bags in the last few weeks and don't foresee not having them around. I'll definitely stock up just to be sure I don't run out. Thanks for a fantastic, delicious product!

Best thing I ever put in my mouth!!!

OMG this stuff is just AMAZING really it is! I had some a few weeks ago I got from my Parents and boy have I been going CRAZY trying to find them, they need to be in every groc store not just Wal-mart I would love to see them at Walgreens somewhere easy to get ! Very much worth all the searching to get them back in my mouth I think I would drive 100 miles for them easy!


Best chocolate fruit medley I've ever had

When they remodled our store in town they didn't restock Dilettante fruit medley. I thought I had given up eating chocolate - no other chocolate was good enough for me. What a surprise today when I went shopping and saw they were stocking the shelf with Dilettante once again. Now that I have the web page I can order direct if they decide to stop carring it again.

Huntington, WV

Chocolate Fruit Medley

I have been buying these 4 bags a week and still can't get enough of these they are so delicious and beyond, the chocolate as it melts in your mouth,and the goodness of the fruit is beyond compare!!! I just simply can not get enough! Thank You for making such a wonderful product! Keep up the good work! I buy mine at Walmart and when they are out I simple travel further to the next one until I can find it. That's how bad I'm addicted to these!

Chocolate Fruit Medley - 24 oz.

I've never written a review on a product before but felt I just had to on this one! The product is absolutely delicious and both myself and my daughter are spreading the word here in Houston about it! Wonderful product!

Charlotte Ecker - Houston, TX.

Fruit Medley

Who cares about food when you can eat fruit that is so delicious in a candy? Best chocolate I've tasted, and I eat a lot of chocolate! I have looked for them again, but now cant find them anywhere... HELP! I've checked with 4 stores and am beginning to have a chocolate breakdown, may have to start up Chocoholics Anonymous in Northern California. Please, stop me before I do. The holidays just won't be merry without you. You really know how to make chocolate! Thank you a thousand times.

New York

What A Pleasant Surprise !

Makes my mouth go OOH !! It is soooooo good ! What a pleasant surprise....sinfully good !

Reviews 1-15 of 15

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