Premium milk chocolate ganache flavored with natural peppermint oil.

Peppermint TruffleCremes® in Milk Chocolate No. 23 - 28 oz

4.92 stars, based on 24 reviews
Peppermint TruffleCremes® are wonderfully delightful "light" chocolate pieces. TruffleCremes® mint chocolate candies are individually wrapped in green foil to ensure freshness for anytime you crave a piece of chocolate peppermint bliss. We...
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Brookings, OR

I am not a mint lover. Not at all! However, these peppermint truffle cremes are the very best ever. They are wonderfully chocolaty and the mildest but most flavorful peppermint. Truly the very best ever.

Honolulu, Hi

I'm not a fan of mint chocolate but after receiving the creme truffles Christmas 2011, it's become my favorite candy. The chocolate is smooth and creamy with a hint of peppermint that makes it so delicious. I have given them out to friends and they love it as much as I do. Yes, I have recommended your products to friends and family.

Tucson, Arizona

Absolutelyn the best!!!

I first bought these at Costco, and fell in love with them. i lamented the fact that Costco didn't carry them except at the holidays, before realizing that I could order them online! God, I love the internet! I now buy them by the case; keep a big jar of them at the reception area of our business, and gift entire buckets of them to friends and relatives who are just as crazy as I am about them! Everyone LOVES these little beauties! They are simply divine!



These are truly amazing - I will be repurchasing soon

Sequim, WA

Amazing Mint Chocolates

I think this is some of the finest chocolate I have ever eaten. As a reward, I let one melt in my mouth without chewing, just letting the chocolate mint flavor treat my tongue. Because it is so rich and full flavored, I don't need much to satisfy myself.

Now that I have found out where I can buy them year around, I will not have to wait for Christmas at Costco.

Mesa, Arizona

AWESOME, AWESOME, what more can I say about thee best chocolates on the planet!

I have been purchasing these truffles for about 6 years and discovered them at our local Costco store in Olympia WA. I've been giving these for gifts for years and have never given them to anyone who hasn't absolutely loved them. Everyone loved them so much that I've been giving a jar to everyone on my Christmas list & a few for their birthdays. I keep buying more and more each year - last year I bought 6 cases (36 jars). The only problem I have is that I live in Mesa AZ now and it's too damn hot here for Costco to carry them in stock. I've even thought of moving back just for the mints. I'm so lucky to have a friend in Olympia that buys and mails them to me in November. What more can I say other than you can't go wrong buying this product. They are AWESOME!


Best ever!

Chocolate mint is divine when the chocolate and mint are mixed well, with high quality ingredients. These were given to me by a sibling, and I have bought them ever since to share with others. They are THE BEST! And since they are bigger than the traditional 'bite-size', a person really feels like they had a TREAT!

Houston, TX

Buy two boxes -- one to share and one to keep

I first got these as a gift from a friend from Seattle and was hooked immediately... he warned me not to take them into the office, since they would disappear in minutes -- and they did.

They are light, creamy and the perfect pick-me-up. Like I said, buy two: one to share and one to stash for yourself.

Double Milk Chocolate Peppermint Truffle Cremes

These are wonderful. However, I think I prefer the Candy Cane Truffle Cremes, which I purchased last year from Costco. Please make them available again through Costco.

Philadelphia, PA

Excellent quality and taste

Received a Christmas 2012 gift box containing 10 oz Double Milk Chocolate Candy Cane Truffle Creams and 10 oz Double Dark Chocolate Ephemere #52 Truffle Creams. I typically purchase home made chocolates from a family owned business who make their own items. Owners passed this year so I had to look for another quality provider. My 5 star rating on your truffles is based on comparison with my former provider as they are comparable in quality. Generally I purchased butter creams in dark chocolate for my friends. Your Candy Cane Truffles were light, creamy and not overbearing.

The double Dark Chocolate Ephemere #52 were excellent but I personally prefer a 70+ cacao content. Will consider Dilettante for future purchases and recommend the company products to friends. Really enjoyed them.

Bob Light, Philadelphia, PA

Albuquerque, NM

I really thought they were Frango Mints!!!

Having grown up in Chicago I was addicted to the Frango Mints at Marshall Fields. I was so dismayed when the company was sold and Macy's stopped carrying the product in some of their Illinois and New Mexico stores and only carried the sugar-free version on their website. BUT...Dilettante's Peppermint Double Chocolate Truffle Creams are so absolutely AWESOME that I can continue to feed my obsession unabated!!!

Palo Alto, California

I'm Totally Amazed!

OMG!!!! I just tried one of these Peppermint truffles we received from some co-workers in Vancouver and I've never been so delighted with a bite of chocolate in my life! YUM!!!

Springfield, Oregon 97478

Mood changing candy

I got hooked on this by COSTCO. After giving it to friends for Xmas, they requested it each year. Seems that COSTCO is no longer going to carry it and with an approx. $10 gift limit, looks like my easy gift is gone. With COSTCO constantly running out, I bought 6 tubs for myself to make sure I had some to last until winter. The flavor reminds me of some candy I had as a kid as a "reward". No, I'm not 250 lbs. I just like mild mint chocolate. I'll try to make smooth "mint" fudge but it won't be as good. I put in a comment at COSTCO. Show me a man that gives his wife good chocolate every couple of months and I'll show you a happy couple. (married 36 years and looking for good chocolate). I'm rating it high for the quality, quantity, price, and packaging (individually wrapped for freshness).

Burbank CA


I received these chocolates for Christmas from my sister, and just tasted one. I cannot believe how good they taste! They are so creamy and literally melt in your mouth. When I compare similar types of candy I can honestly say nothing comes close to the taste and quality of these. I am going to order some myself!

Southern California

On the Pillow at B&B

We received a Dilettante Truffle on our pillow at the McCall House in Ashland, Oregon where we had gone for the Shakespeare Festival. OMG!!! There is nothing I can add to the other reviews. I only hope I can find them at my local Costco store!

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Reviews 1-15 of 24

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