What do truffles mean to you? Here at Dilettante Chocolates fine chocolate truffles are more than a delicious treat, they are a way of life.

We encourage you to take a moment and read about our rich history with the chocolate truffle on our about us page. For instance, did you know that in 1983 Dana Davenport, who founded Dilettante Chocolates in 1976, was featured making his chocolate truffles on Julia Child’s PBS television production, Dinner at Julia’s?

We thought a great way to share the joy chocolate truffles bring to our world would be by expressing it through poetry. Why poetry? Because poetry often times can capture the passion and emotion of a subject matter better than prose. Plus, there is something about words that rhyme that sparks the imagination and is fun to read.

We are excited to celebrate National Truffle Day and to show you that we take great pride in our small, but tasty works of award winning truffles.

And now without further ado, a few poems for your enjoyment in celebration of fine chocolate truffles and their creamy ganache fillings!

If you love truffles like we do, we have just the thing,
Try our assorted dark and milk chocolates made with no artificial coloring.
It’s an all natural treat, with five different flavors to choose,
Perfect for parties or break time, you simply can’t lose.


Feel a need for some coffee, but haven’t got time?
Open up a Mocha Crunch TruffleCreme, they are simply divine.
Real ground coffee is married with rich chocolate ganache,
Each treat is individually wrapped and dressed with panache.


We have the mint chocolate candies you constantly crave,
A hint of peppermint mixed with the finest chocolate, you’ll rave!
Our Peppermint TruffleCremes have won much acclaim,
We dare you to take one bite, you may never be the same!


A sweet, rich escape,
Into pure chocolate bliss -
Dilettante Truffles

Happy National Truffle Day!

Share with us in the comments below your favorite kind of truffle!

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