Say thank you to your host this Thanksgiving by giving them their favorite gourmet chocolate.

If you’re not hosting, you’re a houseguest, which means a thank you gift is essential. Something small that says, “I know you did a lot of work to make today special and I’m grateful for your hospitality.”

Show your gratitude at Thanksgiving by bringing one of these thoughtful and tasty treats!

Mocha Meltaway Truffles

These delectable morsels feature a creamy chocolate ganache center blended with crunchy bits of real ground coffee beans.

Gold Foil Wrapped Chocolate Fruit

Great for a fruit bowl or for decoration. We highly recommend mixing and matching our hollow milk chocolate pear, orange and red apple.

Pomegranate TruffleCremes in Milk and Dark Chocolate

Why choose? Make Thanksgiving both tart and sweet by giving your host or hostess a gift box of our pomegranate TruffleCremes.

And don’t forget the thank you note! Add a custom gift card to your order and personalize your appreciation.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Dilettante Chocolates!

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