Stop by your favorite Dilettante Mocha Café and enjoy your pick of coffee, espresso, or tea beverages. We're serving up traditional lattes and cappuccinos, along with a selection of Signature Espresso Shots made with our custom coffee blend, rich chocolate, and Turkish spiced cocoa. Whole leaf or herbal teas are also on the menu, offering a simple wholesome option.

Drip Coffee
Price: $2.30
Price: $4.10
Espresso Double Shot
Price: $2.60
Mocha Vizio™
Price: $3.85
Turkish Coffee
Price: $3.85
Price: $3.90
Price: $3.90
Caramel Latte
Price: $4.55
Price: $2.80
Spiced Chai Latte
Price: $3.70
Iced Tea
Price: $2.35

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Dilettante Chocolates

Premium chocolates, coffee & desserts since 1976. Heirloom family recipes since 1898. We use only the finest ingredients in creating our gourmet chocolates & renowned coffee beverages.