Mocha Vizio™

Mocha Vizio™

A Dilettante Signature Shot

Your choice of chocolate, espresso double shot

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Not to be missed

Seattle, WA
I really enjoy espresso and I have an affinity towards dark chocolate. I ordered the Mocha Vizio on a whim passing through SeaTac and OH! What an experience!! I agree completely with the other reviewer that this is best experienced sitting down and sipping while piping hot. Let your sip rest on the palate a moment before swallowing and you'll understand why this little concoction is not to be missed. Can't wait to have this experience again!!


Burbank, CA
The first time I tried this, I was feeling bedraggled at Sea-Tac airport and wanted a little pick-me-up. I took one sip of the Mocha Vizio and had to sit down so that I could fully absorb the experience. I don't like super sugary sweet "coffee" drinks where you can't taste the coffee. I like super dark, super strong coffee and dark, not-too-sweet chocolate. This was just an exquisite collision between the two. The only caveat I offer is that it is best consumed while it is very hot. On a couple of occasions at the airport I ordered it and it was sort of lukewarm, which was still good but did not really hit the high notes.

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