Dark Mocha, 63% Cacao

Dark Mocha, 63% Cacao

Molten semisweet chocolate (63% cacao), espresso, steamed milk

*pricing listed refers to our Tall beverage size.

Price: $4.70
Availability: In Stock
This item has 4.00 stars out of 5 stars based on 2 reviews.

Just OK

I got the dark mocha after seeing the reviews and was super excited to try it. However, the mocha did not have much flavor. Three stars for having the right consistency, temperature and not being overly sweet, but I did not really taste the mocha in there, and the coffee taste was quite light. I would say there are better mochas out there.

This is so good that It would be a daily habit if I lived in Seattle

Pine, CO
Great coffee, great chocolate, the very very very best mocha that i've had. I'd pay more, wait in a longer line, and spend more time on a cross trainer for this drink. I see a longer line at SeaTac at the Starbucks but while i like them, there is no comparison on mochas. Enjoy but don't tell the folks in line at Starbucks that they're in the wrong line.

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