Mocha Mexicano®

Mocha Mexicano®

Cinnamon-spiced cocoa, espresso

*available iced, pricing listed refers to our Tall beverage size.

Price: $4.30
Availability: In Stock
This item has 3.00 stars out of 5 stars based on 2 reviews.

My favorite iced!

I stop and get this every time I fly through Sea Tac! My favorite mocha drink ...

Tasted so awful

Bellevue, SE 8th and 114th
I always get a mocha with cinnamon at Starbucks. So I thought I would try this. It tasted so awful I couldn't drink it. Unfortunately, I already drove away or I would have gone back in to return it. I have gotten other drinks here but this one was just bad and left an awful taste in my mouth for a long while after just the one taste of it. It doesn't taste of cinnamon or mocha. It was like some strong grassy herb or something. Idk, but it's bad.

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