This season, shop our bright and cheery chocolate Easter Gifts made from the finest ingredients. Choose from a selection of tasty chocolate Easter Bunnies, colorful chocolate eggs, and decadent hand dipped chocolates.

The Easter Bunny has arrived and is made of pure chocolate!

Velveteen Chocolate Easter Bunny - 2.5 oz

Price: $5.75

This charming chocolate bunny is dressed to impress.

Scouter Chocolate Easter Bunny - 2.75 oz

Price: $6.00

Gizmo Chocolate Easter Bunny - 1.75 oz Easter Bunnies, Easter Bunnys, Chocolate Easter Bunnies, Chocolate Easter Rabbit, Hand Painted Easter Rabbits, Hand Painted Chocolate Easter Rabbits

Gizmo Chocolate Easter Bunny - 1.75 oz

Price: $4.50

Add a gift bag of Milk Chocolate Easter eggs to their Easter baskets!

Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs - 7 oz

Price: $8.15

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