Dilettante's Chocolate Assortments An Assortment For Everyone Since the early days, Dilettante’s hand-dipped chocolates have had diversity. Each chocolate Dilettante creates gives a unique flavor, each appealing to different personal preferences. To appeal to these different tastes, Dilettante Chocolates offers four Premier Assortments of truffles, toffee, caramels, and nut clusters. Named Premier Assortments, these colorful boxes are tailored to a specific taste in chocolate. These...
Friday, September 4, 2020

Dilettante's Seattle Roots

What Seattle Means to Us Humble Beginnings Decades ago, past the dense Evergreen Forests was a historic city and a small chocolate and coffee shop named The Dilettante. Master Chocolatier Dana Davenport opened his flagship store to serve the highest quality chocolate truffles, pastries, and coffee for people to enjoy. Thanks to his effort, the Dilettante created the foundation for Seattle’s first mocha experience. The Dilettante started to shape around the community of people who supported it....
The Best of Dilettante Beginning from humble roots as a neighborhood coffee and chocolate shop, Dilettante Chocolates has now expanded into a full gourmet chocolate enterprise. The creation of new flavors and products are frequent. So frequent, a person who may have once been familiar with Dilettante’s line-up of Chocolate may find themselves lost and overwhelmed by the sheer variety. Truffes, TruffleCremes, and Meltaway Truffles Back in the year 1912, Julius Franzen established his first...

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