At Dilettante we do two things especially well - hand crafting delicious chocolates and roasting our own special blend of premium coffee beans. So, what happens when we meld two of our delicious specialties into one? Our decadent chocolate-java morsels also known as Chocolate Espresso Beans burst into life!Click here to buy Espresso Beans in Chocolate from Dilettante.These bite-sized delicacies very well may be our most popular product. And for good reason. Each chocolate espresso bean is just...
Pronounced, "drah-jay," these delicious bite-sized morsels are a point of pride at Dilettante. Pieces of dried fruit, nuts and espresso beans are generously coated in premium blends of milk, dark and white chocolate. The ingredients are key in making these delectable delicacies, but our method of chocolate panning is just as important.Each variety of Dilettante Dragee begins its journey in our special revolving kettles that give the fruit, nut or espresso bean center two thick coats of our...

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Premium chocolates, coffee & desserts since 1976. Heirloom family recipes since 1898. We use only the finest ingredients in creating our gourmet chocolates & renowned coffee beverages.