Wednesday, September 5, 2018

3 Snacks Every College Dorm Room Must Have

Snacks are a necessity at college. It’s inevitable that at some point during the academic year you’ll miss the dining hall hours or find that you’re mini fridge has suddenly gone empty. Here are three snacks that are must haves for the ‘I’m skipping the dining hall to sleep in’ to the ‘all-I-have-time-for-is-this’ moments and everything in between. Nuts: Chocolate Covered Almonds and CashewsCrunchy, satisfying and packed with protein. Our dark chocolate almonds and milk chocolate covered...
What is it about the word cocoa that immediately conjures up images of kids in colorful winter hats adorned with fluffy pom poms and grasping with two hands a cup of rich, dark hot cocoa? Now I can hear the grumblings of a marshmallow war, “She has more than me!” and the stern, but gently reassuring parental reply, “No, you both have the same number of marshmallows. I counted.” Marshmallow war successfully averted. Next comes the sound of whipped cream being piled high and dusted with crunchy...
A couple months ago we highlighted our delish coffee beans in an email received by our chocolate-loving Dilettante fans. I thought perhaps our blog visitors would also enjoy learning more about this excellent product. Just answer me this one question first, "How do you take your coffee?" Dilettante may be known for exquisite chocolates, but did you know that we also blend and roast our own coffee beans? Our Master Chocolatier, Dana Taylor Davenport is not only knowledgeable in fine chocolates,...

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