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Dilettante Chocolates

Milk Chocolate Champagne Truffle - Bulk 25 Piece

  • Hand-dipped chocolate truffles
  • Premium semisweet & milk chocolate
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Buy in bulk and save
  • Total net weight: 12.5 ounces

These Champagne Truffles are an elegant addition to any celebration. Each gourmet chocolate truffle is filled with a creamy blend of semisweet chocolate ganache, natural vanilla, and Anisette liqueur. Each handmade truffle is then hand-dipped in 38% milk chocolate couverture.

Each champagne truffle is made by the hands of Dilettante’s chocolatiers. After dipping each ganache in milk chocolate, the truffle is finished with a decorative flower design, making each truffle a true artisan craft.

Champagne is often used to celebrate milestones and events, and Dilettante’s Champagne Truffles are no different. This 25-piece assortment is perfect for treating friends and family during birthdays, holidays, weddings, and other special events.

25-Piece Bulk Champagne Truffles Nutrition Facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mike Murphy

The best! We've loved Teuscher's Champagne Truffles for many years (and still do) but I think Dilettante's are a little bit chocolat-ier.

What "An Affair To Remember"!

I'm the lucky recipient of a box of these heavenly creations! I consider myself a "chocolate snob", opting only for another brand of wildly popular chocolate truffles--until today! I'm not much for giving reviews, but these are BY FAR THE BEST champagne truffles I've ever tasted in my life! I cannot believe I wasted so many years eating inferior chocolate! I am now among your biggest fans! Please keep making these pieces of Heaven and don't change a thing!