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Dilettante Chocolates

Rheingold Toffee in Milk Chocolate - Bulk 25 Piece

  • Made with pure butter and crunchy pecans
  • Uniquely tender
  • Covered in premium milk chocolate and crushed almonds
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Total net weight: 12.5 ounces

Dilettante’s Rheingold Toffee flavor has been an iconic Dilettante treat since 1981. These small square pieces received their name due to their golden toffee center and remarkable flavor.

Rheingold Toffee is made using a technical toffee-making process. Dilettante uses a higher percentage of butter, creating an exceptionally rich and soft toffee. Those used to brittle toffee pieces will be delighted by this unique and luscious taste.

The toffee is dipped by hand in Dilettante’s premium milk chocolate blend. These toffee squares are then finished with a crushed pecan embellishment, adding a savory flavor to balance the sweet toffee and chocolate notes.

This large, 25-piece box of toffee will satisfy any sweet tooth. Choose to give this bulk box to friends and family for anniversaries, weddings, holidays, or any other special occasion.

25-Piece Bulk Milk Chocolate Rheingold Truffles Nutrition Facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fine Chocolates

When we want to treat ourselves, we order Rhinegold toffee. The wonderful toffees leave an excellent taste in our mouths.

E. T. Booth

I decided to try Dilettante candy because I love the French caramel sauce so much. The sticker on the box says "Best by 05 08 22," which is five months away, but the toffees seem old and dried out, not fresh. Sad to say, an ordinary Heath Bar is much better.

Cheryl S.Connell
Golden Perfection

Rheingold is the perfect toffee. It has a rich butter flavor with just enough sugar to hold it together for a smooth crispness. Of course the Dilettante milk chocolate adds to the perfection.It is a delight to again have Rheingold available in bulk so I can indulge to my heart's content.