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Dilettante Chocolates

Salted Caramel Collection Gift Box - 4 Piece

  • Four hand-dipped caramels in luscious chocolate couverture
  • Each caramel is sprinkled with artisan sea salts
  • Made with natural flavors and real cream
  • Enclosed in a beautiful gift box, perfect for a gift or treat
  • Total net weight: 2 ounces

Enjoy four of Dilettante's finest hand-dipped caramels in a beautiful blue gift box. This small-sized box features four new caramel flavors in milk and dark chocolate blends. Delight friends, family, or significant others with distinct caramel flavors.

Each caramel in this four-piece chocolate box features quality chocolate and salted caramel flavor. Since opening in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood in 1976, Dilettante Chocolates worked to perfect its chocolate caramel selection. 

Espresso and sriracha caramels balance luscious milk chocolate with bitter and spicy notes. These caramels deliver a complex flavor with lingering coffee and sriracha tastes.

Dilettante’s Himalayan Pink Salt and Smoke Caramels present a more traditional caramel flavor. These caramels are both enrobed in dark chocolate and benefit from a subtle flavor profile.


  • Milk Sriracha Salted Caramel
  • Dark Pink Himalayan Salted Caramel
  • Dark Smoked Salted Caramel
  • Milk Espresso Salted Caramel

The caramels in this assortment are made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients. By crafting each chocolate caramel by hand with care and attention, these caramels present a gourmet-quality taste.

Dilettante’s caramels are made in-house with an artisan touch. Using decades-old heirloom recipes, these chocolate caramels present the best confections Dilettante has to offer. Take a moment to savor and enjoy these premium caramels.

4-Piece Salted Caramels Nutrition Facts

Customer Reviews

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Susan Hebert
Beyond yummy!!!

I love these caramels! I gave some to my neighbor and she loved them too!!