Dilettante Chocolates

Peppermint TruffleCremes in Milk Chocolate - 5 oz

  • All-natural with pure oil of peppermint
  • Velvety milk chocolate ganache centers
  • Milk chocolate (35% Cacao)
  • Contains no hydrogenated oils or trans fats
  • Total net weight: 5 ounces

Peppermint TruffleCremes are one of the most popular TruffleCreme Flavors from Dilettante for good reason. The light and luscious flavors of milk chocolate and mint pair perfectly to deliver a satisfying experience. Each is wrapped in green foil to give a fresh chocolate taste in each bite.

Dilettante flavors each TruffleCreme with pure oil of peppermint from Oregon and premium milk chocolate. The chocolate peppermint ganache center is enrobed with fine dipping chocolate made from a blend of West African and South American cacao (35%). Using these premium ingredients, this 5-ounce gift box is sure to delight those fond of milk chocolate.

This tent box makes or a thoughtful gift for any occasion. Weddings, birthdays, holidays, and gatherings are all made better with the timeless taste of peppermint milk chocolate.

Master Chocolatier Dana Davenport started Dilettante Chocolates in 1976, creating hand-dipped chocolate truffles inspired by formulas passed down through three generations. TruffleCremes are an evolution of our original truffles; a creamy blend of the finest chocolate and natural flavors. A family tradition started in 1898 with the Master Confectioner for Emperor Franz Josef I, is continued today with these delectable treats.

5-Ounce Peppermint TruffleCremes Nutrition Facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Truffle Cremes

They were very good but I would’ve preferred to have the old style truffles (round shape) in a box. Could not find them on your website.

Marty B
Absolutely Divine!

A friend shared his stash and I was hooked. Was instructed not to bite into it but let it melt in your mouth. So delicious! Treat yourself, you won’t be disappointed!


Can NOT get enough of these chocolates!! Someone left some in the break room at work &I've eaten the whole box so now I have to go purchase some to replace them all. I love peppermint and they are the perfect combination of creamy peppermint without the gooey filling that other peppermint chocolates use. Great price/value for the quality of chocolate!!


This is now my favorite candy of all time! It is delicious. The candy is creamy but not in a fake sugary way. The peppermint gives a cool feeling, very fresh. All this mixed with chocolate with a divine texture. It left me feeling refreshed and happy so much so that I googled this website just to see how to get more. These were a Christmas gift, and I couldn' be more glad to have tasted them. So much higher quality than most candy on the market.

Kristi Calbeck

The product certainly met my expectations. I sent these chocolates as gifts to my father this year for Christmas. He's enjoying them as much as I have.