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Dilettante's 4-piece chocolate truffle assortments
Dilettante Chocolates Hand-Dipped Truffle Assortments

Chocolates Made by Hand

When it comes to chocolate, hand-dipping is an art form. Taste all-natural ingredients and couverture chocolate with each toffee, truffle, and caramel.

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Dilettante Chocolates Milk, Dark, and White Truffle Gif
Dilettante Chocolates dark, milk, and white chocolate truffles

Enjoy Fifteen Award-Winning Flavors

Each truffle, caramel, and tofee piece is enrobed in complimentary chocolate blends. Among these decadent arrangements, enjoy unforgettable flavors such as Dilettante's Signature Ephemere Truffles, Rheingold Toffee, and Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels.

Plate of Dilettante's Chocolate Truffles behind a marble background

Distinguished Chocolate Taste

Each chocolate is with the highest standard for quality possible. Dilettante's talented chocolatiers hand-dip each all-natural ganache, caramel, and toffee center in non-GMO chocolate. In each bite, enjoy a premium chocolate taste, free of oils, hydrogenated fats, and compound chocolate.

Assortment of chocolate truffles, caramels, and toffee from Dilettante Chocolates
Dilettante Chocolates chocolate truffles, caramels, and toffee pieces
Chocolate truffles, caramels, and toffee in dark, milk, and white chocolate