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Dilettante Chocolates Handcrafted Truffles Disclaimer

Some of Dilettante's truffles are made with alcohol, such as grain alcohol and Amaretto and Coffee Liqueurs. These Truffles are made with 60g of alcohol in a 4086g batch. This portion of alcohol is added to the ganache mixture of these chocolate truffles and cooked at 120-150 degrees Fahrenheit.

The end result shows a champagne truffle is made up of roughly 1.5% alcohol in its ganache center. a single ganache center weighs about 12-13g. Meaning there is 0.15g - .020g of alcohol per truffle before being cooked. A portion of this alcohol is evaporated during this process.

 For any further questions about Dilettante Chocolates or our Truffles, visit our contact page.