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Dilettante Chocolates Pink and Silver Foil Hearts made from dark and milk chocolate
Dilettante Chocolates Pink and Silver Foil Hearts
Dilettante Chocolates Dark and Milk Chocolate Caramels

Memorable Valentine's Day Chocolate

This Valentine's Day, give a gift worth treasuring. Dilettante's chocolates are hand crafted using all-natural ingredients and heirloom recipes. Each confection is expertly made with time and attention before packaged in elegant gift boxes. This February, delight friends, family, or a significant other to an unforgettable taste.

Dilettante Chocolates chocolate truffle assortment boxes stacked side by side with each other

Chocolate Hearts

Wrapped in bright silver and pink foils, these chocolate hearts are made with Dilettante's elegant dark and milk chocolate blends. Give these traditional heart foil chocolates as a gift to someone special during the festive month of February.

Dilettante Chocolates Heart Shaped Foils in the shape of a heart

Hand-Dipped Chocolates

Dilettante's handcrafted artisan truffles present the highest-quality chocolate taste possible. Enjoy a variety of milk and dark chocolate truffles from our selection of chocolate truffle assortments