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Dilettante Chocolates

French Cream Caramel Sauce - 22 oz

  • Rich, velvety caramel flavor
  • Ideal for coffee drinks, milkshakes, and over ice cream
  • Conveniently sized, squeeze bottle
  • No hydrogenated oils or trans fats
  • Total net weight: 22 oz

Dilettante's French Cream Caramel Sauce balances the bittersweetness of high-cooked caramels with smooth flavor notes of cream and butter for a gourmet-quality sauce. Using the same formula as Dilettante’s original hand-dipped truffles, this delicious caramel flavor comes from an heirloom Davenport family recipe.

This 22-ounce bottle is conveniently sized to squeeze easily to add to drinks and desserts. This caramel sauce is formulated to make premium coffee Caramellos, caramel-flavored mochas, and caramel milkshakes. Alternatively, choose to drizzle this French cream caramel sauce on ice cream and cheesecake to make these desserts even more luscious.

Dilettante cuts no corners while making its French Cream Caramel Sauce. Instead of watering down this sauce with compound chocolate, oils, and fillers, Dilettante uses natural ingredients to deliver the best possible taste. In every drop of French Cream Caramel Sauce, enjoy the taste of real cane sugar, natural vanilla, and cream. This sauce’s flavor is made even richer by the inclusion of Dilettante’s beloved milk chocolate.

For an elegant and sweet addition to any food or drink, nothing can compare to Dilettante’s French Cream Caramel Sauce.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Can’t live without it!

This caramel is perfect. I use it in hot chocolate every morning, but it is wonderful for any other Carmel wanting deliciousness!!

David Lang
My Wife Loves It

I love the Ephemere Sauce myself, and I’m not a caramel lover (I don’t dislike it either), but my wife is so I bought this with my latest order of Ephemere Sauce and she absolutely LOVES it. Typical of Dilettante products, even I enjoy it.

Steve Lewis
This was a gift

I didn’t get any of the two sauces, they were a gift. I have never tasted anything made by your company that wasn’t fabulous. I can’t tell you how many people I have introduced to the addictive and delicious products made by your company!

Very good but...

Very good product. Love the taste and thickness. One thing though, can anyone tell us how to store it? There’s nothing stated on the label on how to store it (fridge or just a cool place), especially after you’ve opened it.

amazing flavor-very different

First had this at a little coffee shop using it to make a "burnt creme latte" special. Quickly became addicted! Since I worked in the upscale foodie world, started using it to "paint" the dessert plates or as a topping. Seems expensive but so concentrated a little goes a long way, well worth the price. Flavors are quite pure- smiliar to the caramelized sugars topping crème brûlée.