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Dilettante Chocolates

Toffee Crunch Meltaway Truffles Gift Box - 8 piece

  • 8 Meltaway chocolate truffles
  • Packaged in an elegant gift box
  • Smooth chocolate ganache with crunchy butter toffee bits
  • Total net weight: 4 ounces

Indulge in the rich taste of premium milk chocolate ganache and crunchy toffee with Toffee Crunch Meltaways. Bits of our signature Rheingold® butter toffee are combined with creamy milk chocolate ganache to create a chocolate experience with a smooth texture and satisfying crunch.

Enrobed in a thick layer of even more milk chocolate and drizzled with deep, dark chocolate, our Toffee Crunch Meltaways are an irresistible chocolate escape you won't soon forget.

The vibrant blue gift box is made from beautiful artisan paper and topped with a silver gift bow. Delight someone special with this gift of gourmet chocolates.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Marie Greene

I have found some very special gifts to give to others! Thank you.

guiadcely lucuab

Impressed with timely delivery. Just make sure you don’t place order on a holiday.

Premium product!

Dilettante's Toffee Crunch Meltaway Truffles are a heavenly delight for the palate! The chocolate is smooth and does exactly as the name states, melts as soon as it comes in contact with your tongue. There is no bite or aftertaste, simply a delicious pleasure of fine chocolate with just the right amount of toffee interspersed. Neither component overwhelms the other, the blend is perfect!
My husband received these as a birthday gift from our sister and brother. My husband generously shared with me. These truffles are meant to be enjoyed slowly like a fine wine. I am a dark chocolate lover, and I would highly recommend these truffles to lovers of milk chocolate and dark chocolate alike. Bon appetit!


So a coworker of mine was given a box of these, which she so graciously shared with the rest of us, and they are AMAZING!! They have a bit of a dark chocolate flavor, and I'm not a dark chocolate fan really, but combined with the smooth texture, sweetness and tiny toffee bits, it's an awesome combination!

You definitely get what you pay for with these and I just may have to make a trip to Kent Station (and the gym....) sometime soon haha! :)