Dilettante Chocolates

Toffee Crunch TruffleCremes - 6 oz

  • All-natural chocolate ganache centers
  • Made with premium milk chocolate
  • Bits of crunchy, butter toffee
  • Contains no hydrogenated oils or trans fats
  • Total net weight: 6 ounces

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Dilettante's Toffe Crunch TruffleCremes brings together decadent milk chocolate with butter toffee for a delicious treat. The silky-smooth ganache center includes small bits of toffee and almonds to create a subtle and satisfying crunch in each bite.

These TruffleCremes are made from all-natural ingredients, including ground butter toffee, natural vanilla, and milk chocolate couverture (34% cacao). The ganache is enrobed by an outer shell of chocolate made from a blend of West African and Ecuadorian cacao. By maintaining the highest standards when making these chocolate TruffleCremes, Dilettante delivers a clean, pure chocolate-toffee taste.

This 6-ounce tent bag of TruffleCremes makes for a delicious and novel gift to any chocolate toffee lover. Keep some around any home or office to delight in Dilettante's premium toffee and chocolate combination.

Master Chocolatier Dana Davenport started Dilettante Chocolates in 1976, creating hand-dipped chocolate truffles inspired by formulas passed down through three generations. TruffleCremes are an evolution of Dilettante's original truffles; a creamy blend of the finest chocolate and natural flavors. A family tradition started in 1898 with the Master Confectioner for Emperor Franz Josef I, is continued today with these delectable treats.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tiffany Ali
toffee crunch

I love them, I wish they were sold in stores again

Another Favorite

Love the flavor; love the crunch. Quality, of course, is superb. Always in demand at parties and perfect as a small gift.

Very nice chocolates

I bought these for my husband, who liked them very much. I thought they were lovely, and I'm a dark chocolate snob. Little bits of toffee thoughout.


I was so excited to try these chocolates because I love toffee. However when I bit into it I only got one little-itty-bitty-teeny-tiny piece of toffee. With a name like Toffee Crunch you’d expect there to be tons of toffee pieces. It did not live up to its name.