32 Piece Deluxe Dilettante Chocolate Truffles

Deluxe Chocolate Truffle Gift Box - 32 Piece

5.00 stars, based on 6 reviews
Dilettante's one pound Silver Gift Box of chocolates features 32 of our finest hand dipped chocolate truffles.This lovely box of gourmet chocolate truffles makes a delicious gift for friends and colleagues. Enjoy twelve gourmet truffle flavors,...
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How good are these? So good that they have become a Mother's Day/ birthday/Christmas tradition in my family. Dilettante's sets the mark for excellence in American chocolate.

Sacramento, CA

32 piece truffles

Part of what I give to the staff at my Vet every year. It is something they look forward to


Best Truffles Ever

I have purchased the Dilettante truffles as gifts and for myself for many years, when we lived in Seattle for 17 years, and now that we have lived in Atlanta for 11 years. Everyone marvels at how delicious they are, rivaling the best rated chocolates in Europe! Scrumptiously delicious--and I intend the redundancy!


Deluxe Truffle Gift Box

One order was a gift to a friend, the other a gift to us! Dilettante Chocolates are the very best. After living in Seattle almost 20 years and enjoying them, we have ordered them since we left in 2005 and will continue to do so. Smooth, creamy, no paraffin--simply outstanding! We love Dilettante Chocolates! None other comes near to the taste!

Gift of Dilettante

I purchased this item as a gift to a friend in Missouri. She said that the package was well wrapped for hot weather and all was perfect. She also said that the truffles were delicious.

Mt. Pleasant SC


I received a 1# box for my birthsay! Absolutely fabulous! Goodby Godvia! Grandson recently moved to Seattle - can't wait to visit him and your shop(s)!!!

5 stars

Reviews 1-6 of 6

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