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Pomegranate TruffleCremes in Milk and Dark Chocolate - 10 oz

5.00 stars, based on 7 reviews
The unique flavor of pomegranate, both tart and sweet, is combined with a complementary blend of milk and dark chocolate ganache, then enrobed in semisweet chocolate for the perfect finish.Master Chocolatier Dana Davenport started Dilettante...
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sacramento, Ca

Very creamy and melts in your mouth. This product as well as other Dilettante Chocolates are always consistent in taste , texture and quality. I have been purchasing many products from this company over the years and each product is shipped and protected with care. Thank You


I stumbled upon this product as part of an assortment at Costco. Researched the product [wrapper] and feel lucky enough to have found it for sale individually. Love the taste, texture, etc. Also, the fact I consider it to fall into the "healthy" category when looking at the ingredients. The only concern is product & delivery cost when combined. Not cheap. Otherwise, overall, very happy with the product.

Spokane, Wa

Melt in your mouth...Heaven!

I found some of these in a "fancy chocolates sampler" at a big name store. The Pomegranate Truffle stood out as a favorite of mine...so smooth and delicious. Thanks for the treat!

South Carolina

Pomegranate Chocolate Truffle Cremes

Scrumptious! Melt in your mouth magnificence! They have a velvety smooth mouth feel. The flavor of the chocolate and pomegranate is perfectly balanced. Bravo!


Pomegranate TruffleCremes in Milk & Dark Chocolate

The 1st time I tasted a Pomegranate TruffleCreme in Milk & Dark Chocolate piece was in December 2018. A friend of mine received a pack for Christmas, she shared a piece with me and I fell in love with it. It was so delightfully delicious and smooth and very flavorful. I couldn't resist on ordering some for this coming Valentine's day. Honestly, I haven't tasted the one I ordered recently since I intend to give it as a gift. But I am sure it will taste just as fine as the 1st one I tasted from Dilettante Chocolates back in Dec. I highly recommend their products as they are so Yummy.


Smooth and delicious

Wonderful flavor and texture. I save these for special treats.


Tasty and smooth.

Great. Creamy and lovely. The word pomegranate threw me. I don't care for pomegranate in general but it was lovely in this chocolate .

Reviews 1-7 of 7

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