Dilettante Amaretto Dark chocolate Truffle Topping 10.5oz Jar

Dilettante Amaretto Dark chocolate Truffle Topping 10.5oz Jar

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The Amaretto Dark Chocolate Truffle Topping is the same mixture of cream, butter, and chocolate found inside our hand-dipped truffles – but without the chocolate shell. This delectable sauce is perfect for ice cream, fresh fruit, cake frosting,...
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Glendale, AZ

Amaretto Topping - So absolutely delicious!

Dilettante Amaretto is the most amazingly undescribably declicious chocolate sauce. The subtle almond flavor adds the perfect special touch without overpowering. Heaven in a jar! Former Seattleite now in Arizona. Ran in to AJ's wonderful grocery store to pick up Dilettante Amaretto sauce for melting to drizzle over mini-creampuffs. So disappointed to find out they didn't carry Dilettante. Had to substitute another brand's "Grand Marnier". Literally, it was just OK, rated nothing more than OK. Will definitely be ordering online to make sure I have some for next time.

Perth, Australia

Be still my heart

In this day and age of plastic, fake and flavored it's refreshing to find products made from real ingredients...cream, butter, chocolate...

I'm a Yank living in Australia, and I load up on Dilettante products whenever possible. I just recently tried the Amaretto Dark Truffle Topping which pushed my favorite Aussie vanilla ice cream right over the edge from excellent to sublime!

Truly, I love Dilettante...I've yet to find a Dilettante product I didn't like and I'm already planning my next order for when I get back to the good old US of A. Keep up the good work guys...

The spouse would adore a milk chocolate version of the Amaretto truffle topping, hint, hint...(and free shipping is always appreciated!)

capitol hill,seattle


beyond yum, melt it for a 5-10secs for an individual sundae on top of frozen yogurt , ice cream, dip fruit in it....

there is no other company ; gourmet and at any price that competes with how delicious this sauce is and i have

tried them all when dilletante was closed or out of my fave! on capitol hill , the hours of the shop are not convenient

and it is not avaliable in any other grocery outlet in the area.

Erie, PA

Sooooo Good Sauce

Became familiar with Dilettante as a result of a trip out west. Was so impressed with the candies we had, we located the website and have been ordering ever since. Tried this sauce along with our holiday chocolate order. Best chocolate sauce we have found. Mostly use it for ice cream sundaes, but has several uses. The amaretto gives it such a distinct rich flavor. Tempted to try the other varieties with hopes they are as wonderful as this, but that is a tall order!

Reviews 1-4 of 4

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