Dilettante Mocha Milk Chocolate Truffle Topping 10.5oz

Mocha Milk Chocolate Dessert Topping - 10.5 oz

5.00 stars, based on 3 reviews
Our Mocha Milk Chocolate Dessert Topping is the same mixture of cream, butter, and chocolate found inside our signature hand-dipped truffles – but without the chocolate shell.This is a delectable sauce perfect for ice cream, fresh fruit, cake...
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Mocha might ok chocolate

I am addicted to this product, having found it over 30 years ago at SeaTac airport. Love it!

Lynnwood, WA

The Best Chocolate Sauce EVER.

This topping is so smooth and rich that I find myself wanting more topping than ice cream! The flavor of other toppings doesn't hold a candle to Dilettante Mocha Milk Chocolate Truffle.


Toast...add peanut butter and this on your toast. So good

Reviews 1-3 of 3

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