Peppermint Milk Chocolate TruffleCremes®

Peppermint TruffleCremes in Milk Chocolate - 10 oz

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Peppermint TruffleCremes are wonderfully delightful "light" chocolate pieces. TruffleCremes mint chocolate candies are individually wrapped in green foil to ensure freshness for anytime you crave a piece of chocolate peppermint bliss. We flavor our...
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Roscoe, IL

I received these Peppermint Double Milk Chocolate Truffle Cremes as a gift. They are amazing so now I'm ordering them to give as gifts. You won't be disappointed!5 stars!

Northern California

So glad to find these! Have been purchasing these mints in Seattle since the 1950's! They are easily the most delicious chocolates I've tasted! At least 5 star!


Best chocolate mint truffle

Peppermint TruffleCremes in Milk Chocolate is a holiday season tradition. Many years ago we received our 1st taste shipped from my brother in Washinton. Hey This chocolate is so fresh and just Melts in your mouth yummmm! Best Delicous treats!


Absolutely incredible. Smoooth as silk and the perfect blend of the finest chocolate

with pure natural peppermint! Wow!!

Fairfield, Ca


My mother in law received these as a gift from her sister out of state. I tried them at our holiday get together. My new favorite!

Heavenly Delight

Truly a masterpiece. Best peppermint chocolates I have ever tried and I've tried quit a few.


January in Arionza

A colleague of mine brought these to the office and shared with us. I was BLOWN away! There are smooth and creamy and pepperminty. Just awesome. So much so that I looked up the website so I could order some. These would be great as gifts. Personally I wish I could have one every Sunday. This is truly a delight.


My absolute favorite chocolates!

I never want to be out of these! The creamy texture, the fresh, delicious flavors! I have two after dinner - put a couple in my purse to share at the theater...etc! An affordable treat!

Southern California

Peppermint truffle creams in milk chocolate

These mints are so delicious I ordered several for gifts ... the response was unanimous ... they all loved them.. so glad to have found them in California...


Peppermint Trufflecremes

We love these trufflecremes - we first got them in Washington state on a visit and live on the east coast. We buy them for holiday gifts and each year we receive requests for MORE of the trufflecremes. Thank you for making such an excellent product!


Perfection in peppermint and chocolate truffles is here!

Balance of buttery softness with peppermint and milk chocolate, w/out any fear of too much saltiness, or other imperfections found in so many other confections. Divine inspiration seems to have helped create this recipe!

Royal Palm Beach

Sooo Goooood

Melt in your mouth, creamy and rich



My favorite, delicious REAL chocolate that melts in your mouth :)

Reviews 1-13 of 13

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