Whole bean coffee - Hapsburg blend

Hapsburg Viennese Medium Dark Roast, Whole Bean - 12 oz

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The experience of an ultra-smooth, medium dark roast has brought us full circle to our culinary roots. Viennese-roast coffee pairs perfectly with chocolate and also makes a very rich espresso with a light-golden crema.Created for our signature...
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Eastern Sierras, California

A very pleasant surprise!

I regret to say that I had never heard of Dilettante before. This coffee was given to me as a gift and since I love coffee, I couldn't wait to open and try.

A very pleasant surprise! I usually drink "bold" very dark roast coffee, so when I saw this was a medium roast I had a preconceived notion that it was going to be pretty tasteless. WRONG! It has a very distinct flavor, mild, smooth, not acidic or bitter. Even before I put creamer in it I could smell and taste a wonderful blend of flavors.

I am definitely adding this to my regular coffee routine!


Hapsburg Viennese Medium Dark Roast

This coffe is the best. We buy it every year for Christmas. Miss the Romanoff though. It was a bit stonger. This cofee is smooth, rich with a hint of chocolate. Down rite yummy.

Hapsburg Viennese Medium Dark Roast, Whole Bean Coffee

I was in Seattle on business and came upon a Dilettante coffee shop. I tried a cup of coffee and found it to be smooth and satisfying! I've ordered it several times through their web store so I can enjoy it at home in Georgia!

Love this Coffee

About 5 years ago, I was on a business trip in Seattle. In the airport, I tried a mocha. It was wonderful. I purchased a bag of the Hapsburg blend for my husband. The rest is history. This coffee is amazing. Great aroma, wonderful rich taste. It is a treat for us!

Super happy that I can purchase online.

Phoenix, AZ

Lucky Happenstance

Went on a trip that took me through Seattle Airport. Wife asked me to buy some coffee while I was there. Bought a bag of Dilettante. We both loved it and having been long been tired of the sheep thinking that the more bitter the coffee the better (such as at another seattle based company's chain of really terrible coffee), have had this shipped to us in bulk for many months. Very superior balance of strength and flavor!

One of my favorites!

Stumbled across Dilettante at the Seattle Aiport several years ago. I had an Americano with Hapsburg and fell in love. Also grabbed a bag of Halloween foils which is now a holiday staple in my house.

Woodinville, WA

One of the best coffees you can buy

Every time I pass through SeaTac, I get an Americano at their stand - I'm told its made from this blend. I've bought their whole beans as well and they make a nice smooth, well-balanced and strong cup of coffee. Not at all acidic. Highly recommended.

San Jose CA



Port Angeles, WA

This Is It!

This makes the best coffee I have ever had. The package description is right on: Rich, Complex, Balanced. It stands alone; no chocolate necessary!

Reviews 1-9 of 9

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