Sea Salt Cashews in Chocolate

Milk Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Cashews - 6 oz

4.50 stars, based on 6 reviews
Super snacking defined - Milk Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Cashews from Dilettante Chocolates.Whole roasted cashews are sprinkled with sea salt and covered in gourmet milk chocolate. We use premium cashews and coat the roasted nuts in high quality...
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A five star. Sea Salt Cashews

I just love your Sea Salt Cashews. I eat one and I can’t stop there. They are so delicious. I’m so happy that I saved the bag they were in when shopping one day. What a treat!

New Jersey


I bought these chocolate covered cashews. The mix of the sea salt and the chocolate is to die for. Best chocolate covered cashews I ever tasted. I bought several more for friends as part of a gift basket they also complimented them.

Dallas, TX

Best chocolate cashews PERIOD.

I am a huge fan of chocolate covered cashews. I buy them whenever I see them... especially dark chocolate ones. These are easily the best chocolate covered cashews I have ever had. They have the perfect coating of chocolate so it adds to the nut instead of overpowers it. They are SO GOOD.

Los Angeles

Disappointed - Just average chocolate w hint of cashew at an above average price

I am a long-standing fan of most of Dilettante's chocolates, have told many friends about them and often give Dilettante chocolates as gifts but these and the fruit medley dragees were very disappointing. These are GIANT balls of chocolate with a tiny half-cashew in the middle and no detectable presence of the sea salt crystals (Trader Joe's stores here carry chocolate covered almonds with big crystals of sea salt and turbinado sugar embedded in the outside of the chocolate coating which results in a delightful contrast of flavors and textures). Thus, I was hoping for something with more balance between nut and chocolate elements and an actually detectable sea salt element. Also, the chocolate these are made from really doesn't taste any better than the "Dove" chocolate I can get off a grocery store shelf. I guess I will stick to Dilettante's traditional truffles and meltaways in the future because they are quite extraordinary and blow the competition away (much better than the Godiva I can get here in LA).

Sea salt cashews

This candy was part of a gift package from my friend in Chicago Illinois and they are absolutely wonderful .


The BEST chocolate covered cashews I've EVER tasted!

I am truly baffled by TC's review below, because the cashews I had in my box were ENORMOUS. I also think that this product has the perfect balance of nut/chocolate/sea salt. And the chocolate is mouth-wateringly good. Absolutely superb, and I plan to give these and other products from this site as stocking stuffers and other gifts this year - a can't-miss crowd pleaser, if you ask me! In a word, YUM!!!

Reviews 1-6 of 6

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