Australian Ginger Biscotti dipped in Semi-Sweet Chocolate - Dilettante - 32 Pieces

Australian Ginger Biscotti in Semisweet Chocolate - 32 Piece

5.00 stars, based on 3 reviews
Dilettante's Australian Ginger Biscotti in Semisweet Chocolate includes what is known to be the highest quality ginger in the world and combines it with gourmet chocolate and our special butter biscotti recipe. Our butter biscotti is a cookie that...
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These biscotti are the BEST!!! I don't get to have them often enough.

"racy" biscotti

Every next one would be tastier than the first one. This is racy biscotti so you'll really enjoy even 1 piece.

Kent, WA

5 star!!

This is the best tasting biscotti that I have ever tasted. Of course I happen to love ginger and dark chocolate. I go out of my way to the Kent station Dilettane cafe for one of these and a mint tea.

Reviews 1-3 of 3

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