Mint Dropz® in Chocolate 5 lb

Chocolate Mint Dropz - Bulk 5 lb

5.00 stars, based on 9 reviews
For a refreshing melt-in-your-mouth mint chocolate sensation, enjoy Dilettante Mint Dropz.A thick, dark chocolate mint center is enrobed in creamy, white chocolate colored to a minty green hue. Each chocolate peppermint pearl is made using the...
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The mint dropz were very fresh and delicious. We put them in the adults’ Easter baskets.


Amazing mints

I got a few of these several years ago and had been looking for them ever since. I found them online last year and have ordered twice since. They are EXELLENT creamy choc mints. If you are a mint fan try ordering the bulk packs they save you a lot of money.

Delicious treat

Great blend of chocolate and mint, also just the right size for a refreshing treat.



These are amazing! The mint is not overwhelming and it’s addicting! Even if you don’t like mint chocolate—you’ll find yourself loving these!


great treat

We have been purchasing these mints for several years and really like them. We can't get the locally so we are pleased that we found them and they are shipped to us.

Albany Oregon

Mint candy to D I E for !!

I purchased a bag of these delicious morsels and let my residents at the apartment building I manage try them. They were a HIT! I just wish this product was a bit more accessible. I can't find them anywhere since the holidays have passed. So I decided to check on line! Success! I will have to wait alittle longer each time to get them, but at least I know where I can now get them anytime !!

Glenview, IL

Mint Dropz are GREAT!

This candy is creamy, easy to eat, and stores well for weeks.

Saratoga Ca.

Mr John Brunemeier

I have developed a self preservation program with Dilletante Chocolates. We are senior citizens and go to a lot of functions . It became passé a long time ago to bring wine and difficult to find affordable small gifts. Some time ago I ventured upon your candy and became enamored to it. I shared it sparingly with friends who also delighted in its great flavors. I began to smuggle in baggies of your goodies into events to share and now its is expected . Instead of the wine gift I now go to my local goodwill stores and buy the candy dishes there. I fill them with Dilletante wrapped truffles and sprinkle in the mint drops and espresso bean chocolates. Cover them with clear wrap and a bow and the appreciation is guaranteed. I also used your melting chocolate at Christmas to dip local dried apricots. What a treat! Thank you for a great product!

So sad!

Why was this discontinued, I was looking forward to my semi annual bulk order :'( what will I do now ..... very sad day finding out these are discontinued

Reviews 1-9 of 9

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