Dilettante Chocolates Fruit MedleyChocolate Covered Fruit Medley® Wheel  - 36 oz

Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley Wheel - 36 oz

Dilettante’s Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley Wheel is a gourmet assortment of deluxe chocolate covered dried fruit. This wheel includes blueberries, strawberries, Bing cherries, Royal cherries, apricots, and cranberries, each coated in three blends... Average rating: 4.94, based on 32 reviews
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Fresno, CA

OMG! These are wonderful....


These are delicious. Never had such a great chocolate and fruit candy!!!

St. Louis, MO

WE enjoy this product, and have enjoyed it for years. We are giving it as Christmas presents to our family, but keeping some for ourselves. Your ordering by the internet and shipping were easy and quick respectibvely. We definitely would recommend this product to others. It is very good and also easy to handle - chocolate does not melt too easily.

Austin, TX

The Chocolate Fruit Medley Wheel is one of the best gift items I've ever purchased. The fruit is tasty and healthy with the nice coating of excellent quality chocolate. It nourishes the body while being delicious and fun to eat. With 6 distinct fresh fruits and their specially selected chocolates, each flavor vies for favorite. I first became aware of these superb candies when I received them as a gift and now have given them as gifts to many friends who love them as much as I have. They are truly "one size fits all" and I recommend them without reservation for quality, taste and the company's reliability. This firm seems determined to produce and deliver a high quality product.

Austin, Texas 78731

I placed 3 orders for the 36 oz Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley Wheels and I have ordered 20 to 25 of them for about 8 to 10 years now. I love to give them to friends and family because they are of such great quality, both the fruit and the candy covering. Everyone who receives them is delighted to be on the list of recipients as well.

Your product has never disappointed me, although I forgot to ask you to delay shipping and they were sent too early this year. I have always spoken to a representative of your company and this year I ordered totally online.

Count on me to order again next year.

JoAn Baird, Austin, Texas

Excellent and fresh as usual.. get them every year for ourselves and our families!

Cary, NC

All of the chocolate covered fruit was delicious! My favorite is the chocolate covered Bing Cherries - they are addictive.

All of the Dragees that we have tried are absolutely delicious.

I have been buying this item for many years now and for the couple years it was not available my hairdresser almost cried. Perfect gift for hairdresser/barber, cleaning service, mail carrier, teacher, etc. It's the one gift theat my recipients really look forward to every year.

I got this fruit medley, which is chocolate covered dried fruits,from my son and his wife for Christmas. I also got a digital photo frame. When everyone left, I sat in front of the photo show with my fruit medley and it didn't seem so bad to be alone. Really, I can't stop eating this as it is so delicious and just a week after Christmas it is almost gone. Just a word of advice, it might not be the best idea to get over 2 pounds of these sweets for one person... but it is awesome!

These chocolate coated fruits/berries are very tasty and I have never seen a six offering selection with other stores/shops. They usually only offer three or four types. The cherries and the blueberries were my personal favorites but they were all delicious. They arrived rather quickly and we were well pleased with this product. This is my first time ordering and I'd definitely recommend this company.


I ran upon these by accident. Gave them a try and been loving them ever since, but they're so hard to find in stores. Wal-Mart, Ross, Burlingtons, Marshalls, Targets etc... Why?

I bought this last year for my husband and he really liked. I bought again this year.

Bay Area, CA

I received the Dilettante Fruit Medley as a Christmas gift from a good friend in the Seattle area. I have never ever had a delicious mix of fine chocolate and dried fruit. I enjoyed all the flavors but my favorite are the Apricots and Bing Cherries. I also shared them with friend over the holidays and everyone commented on how great the taste is.

I'll be ordering more online.


These are delightful, satisfying, and a very nice presentation of colors. I recieved them as a birthday gift.

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