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Chocolate Covered Cherries - 5 oz

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Dilettante Chocolate Covered Bing Cherries are made with real fruit centers and drenched in gourmet chocolate. Each dried cherry center is thickly coated in milk and dark chocolate in our special revolving kettles. A final outer layer of white...
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El Paso Texas

These are the best chocolate covered cherries I have ever tasted. They are absolutely delicious!!!


My mother sent these to me in a care package and they are simply amazing! I looked them up here to find out how I can get more!!



Have enjoyed all of the fruit. Can't stop!!

The best

I'm new to dried, choc. covered cherries but have tried several brands, including Harry & David. NO CONTEST! Now that Dilettante's spoiled me, all the others are barely eatable. There is one major flaw with them. I do believe they’re addictive.

San Antonio TX


Visiting family in CA, we found these chocolate covered cherries at a Walmart. When we came back home, we tried them with no high expectations. They were delicious! We looked all over our neighborhood stores but could not find them but we were told by our local Walmart they might be a seasonal item. So, we went straight to the manufacturer website and purchased 5 more packages....3 are gone already. A new favorite in our house. Our most favorite is Sees chocolate covered cherries, but you can't buy online and ship...you have to go brick and mortar store. We will continue buying Dilettante chocolates...yum

Reviews 1-5 of 5

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