Decadent Dark Chocolate Truffles in vibrant red foils.

Ephemere TruffleCremes in Dark Chocolate - 28 oz

4.93 stars, based on 15 reviews
Deep, dark chocolate ganache is enrobed in still more dark chocolate to create our Ephemere Dark Chocolate TruffleCremes. These bite-sized chocolate truffles are a perfect choice for those who love dark chocolate.With each bite the firm outer shell...
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this is the best dark chocolate I have ever tasted. Melts in your mouth. I love it!

Auburn, WA

This was a gift for a dear friend and she loves them.

I have had problems contacting customer service. I have emailed and phoned, but have not received a reply in several weeks. I have been a customer for years, but am not planning on buying again. I see no reason to be loyal to a company that does not value its customers.


2nd best chocolate ever.

Not sure in the difference between red wrapper ephemere chocolate and black wrapper ephemere chocolate but the difference is minor except red wrapper has more iron than the black wrapper. Four pieces a day keeps my iron level up. The only "medicine" I take!

A dark chocolate dream!

I am hooked on dark chocolate and the richness and creaminess of the dark chocolate ephemere truffles is incredible. I bought the 28 oz container so that I won't run out too soon. A day without ephemere is a day without sunshine.


Best chocolate ever

We had the good fortune of visiting the Alaska Air lounge in Seattle. They offered these amazing chocolates. After a few days I located Dilettante web page and that was the beginning of a wonderful love affair. Outstanding , rich flavor and a treat for your mouth. Customer service is exceptional. Try them, you’ll become an enthusiast .


Best. Christmas. Gift. Ever.

Last year I bought a small package of these chocolates as a Christmas gift for a friend. She was generous to share with me, and we both quickly came to the conclusion that this is the best chocolate ever. It melts in your mouth and is extremely smooth. There is a very slight hint of fruity aftertaste and rich cream feeling on the tongue. For Christmas this year she bought me the 28 oz tub. Best Christmas present ever. My family does not know about this gift and let's keep it that way. It is well hidden. Of course, I will share with my friend, as long as no one else is looking.

Modesto, Ca.


I usually like milk chocolate until I received a tower of chocolates for Christmas and I must say my favorites was the truffles dark chocolate and I've been hooked ever since so beware I think they put an addictive ingredient in this so I'll want more. The shipping is a little high for someone that's a senior and on a fixed income. Maybe I'll let the kids know for Mother's Day or Christmas. Other wise I'll have to wait for discounts or lower shipping.

Oxford, Michigan

Delicious !

Love these chocolates. Two bites of pure delight.


Dream Creams!!

Orgasmic experience every time!! I live outside the area having moved away for work years ago and I was ever so thrilled to learn I can now get my orgasmic chocolates to stock at home 24/7!!

Saint Cloud, MN


Very good candy.

Denver, CO


I am a long time chocaholic and years ago discovered my absolute favorite only to move away from Seattle and no longer be able to get them. I recently visited Seattle on a long weekend and one goal was to find Dilettantes and get more. I found out that I can order them and now I maintain my supply from Denver! LOVE them!!

Love them

If you love dark chocolate like I do, you will love these. Rich, deep flavor without being too sweet. My favorite dark chocolate!


Second best dark chocolate, ever!

I can't find the difference between this Ephemere TruffleCreme product and the one in a black wrapper, the very best dark chocolate ever, but there is a minor difference, very minor. I enjoy making the comparison.


The Best/ Curse

I bought these for my mother, she is in her 80s and she raves about them. Now we have to look for Dilettante chocolates everytime we go to Costco or the grocery store. Its worth it. She prefers the dark chocolates and I the peppermint, both are very creamy.

Reviews 1-15 of 15

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