Creamy milk chocolate ganache with crunchy candy cane bits.

Candy Cane TruffleCremes in Milk Chocolate No. 24 - 28 oz

5.00 stars, based on 7 reviews
Candy Cane Chocolate TruffleCremes are our most festive TruffleCreme flavor! Delight in the flavors of the holiday season - silky milk chocolate blended with bits of all natural candy cane. Each minty chocolate piece is a delicious combination of...
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These candy cane mint truffles are the best!! I love candy canes so mixed with chocolate I just had to try it!!


Heavenly smooth!

So smooth and they melt in your mouth! (I think they are so much better than the Frango mints). I love the seasonal flavor of peppermint. I'm glad I can order them online now and have been enjoying these every holiday season. Have gifted these chocolates to family and friends and they love it too.

Omaha, NE

Love these!

Love these chocolates - we were given them as a gift a few years ago - loved them so much, we buy a large jar of them every year during Christmas. I am not usually a fan of candy canes, but these chocolates are their own unique flavor - amazing! Great gift idea, and be sure to buy some for yourself!

My absolulte FAVORITE!! (And I don't even like candy canes.)

My hubby's friend told him about these at Costco and I fell in LOVE with them on my first bite. And I don't even like candy canes. I'm just bummed that Costco isn't carrying them anymore. But I'm happy to see they're still available on line. :) :) :)

Sacramento, CA

Peppermint Truffle Cremes

These are fantastic but is there any chance you could make them with dark chocolate? Love 'em, anyway.


THE best peppermint chocolate !!!

YUM! I had this at a party and I took an extra home so I could google and order! so creamy and delicious, a bit of candy cane crunch and peppermint flavor but not overpowering..love this chocolate!!


I love these truffles - chocolate and crushed candy cane!!

Reviews 1-7 of 7

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