Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean Blend

Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean Blend - 3 lb

4.70 stars, based on 10 reviews
Not too bitter, not too sweet, Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean Blend features a perky assortment of chocolate coffee beans. This handy wide-mouthed tub contains three pounds of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and marbled espresso...
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I have tried many differnt brands of covered coffee beans these are by far the best.I take them to work to share and with the hrs we work they get us throiugh the day

Westland Michigan

Absolutely fantastic!

This was my first experience with Dilettante Espresso Beans which I picked up at TJMax. To my delight I have found this afternoon treat more than a treat - almost sinful! This 3 pound container is tempting me tremendously!


best thing ever

i got this at my work place wal-mart just finshed a whole bag addicted

Lakewood, CA

Deliciousness in your Mouth!

My cousin gave these as a gifts for all her guest at her wedding. I had never been a huge fan of chocolate covered coffee beans, but after eating these I could not stop. They are that good! They make me want to leave California and go to Seattle and visit Dilettante's. Buy them! You will not be sorry!

good chocolate taste

Taste is good if all you are after is the chocolate flavor. I wanted the combo chocolate/espresso taste but was disappointed. There is so little bean inside it isn't even listing a caffeine count.

Summerville, SC

oh my!

I have been given chocolate covered espresso beans before and even purchased some myself. I was thrilled with the concept but have never enjoyed the products. I was given some Dilettante this year and they are wonderful! The beans are reliably tasty and the chocolate is actually chocolate, not a discount chocolate lookalike. Even if you have tried a product like these before you need to try Dilettante.


so disappointed..

I love these and have regularly bought them at a local store. They have stopped carrying them and I am having severe withdrawal. If you decide to try these espresso chocolates, you will never be the same.. decadent flavor..

The Best Ever

I'm not a coffee drinker but lover chocolate covered coffee beans. So many times the bean is bitter and not much chocolate. Not so with Dilettante's. Rich, thick chocolate coating a smooth bean. The very best.

denver colorado

the crack of the chocolate coffee world

i ran into these little gems at a Walt-mart of all places. they are the best of both worlds. coffee & chocolate. pure happiness. thanks for the new addiction. i love these

Ludington, MI

This is no exaggeration

I DO NOT LIKE COFFEE, I also do not crave chocolate. HOWEVER, These are BY FAR some of the best candied treats I have ever had in my life. Marbled and white chocolate espresso beans are my favorite so far. Unfortunately I won this little tasty treat in an auction and I haven't been able to find them in my small town. So I'll be ordering the 3 lb bag online. :)

Reviews 1-10 of 10

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