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Bowls of White, Marbled, Milk, and Dark Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans by Dilettante Chocolates
White, Dark, Milk, and Marbled Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans by Dilettante Chocolates

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Dilettante Chocolates Chocolate-Covered Fruit, Espresso Beans, and Almonds

About Our Chocolate

In each Dilettante product, experience gourmet chocolate flavors. From TruffleCremes, to chocolate-covered fruit, enjoy premium-quality ingredients to delight the senses. Since 1898, Dilettante Chocolates has maintained its high standard by using selected blends of cacao sourced from around the globe to deliver an unforgettable chocolate taste.

Rich History

Dilettante's chocolate is expertly crafted using heirloom recipes from three generations of chocolatiers. These recipes date back to the year 1898, and are responsible for the creation of the first Dilettante Chocolates location in Seattle, Washington.

Dilettante Chocolates Master Recipe Notebooks
Dilettante Chocolates L'Orange Truffle and Dark Rheingold Toffee
Dilettante Chocolates L'Orange Truffle and Dark Rheingold Toffee

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