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Love how they just melt in your mouth


This treat was delicious 😋

Expresso Beans

Great variety of flavors and so delicious !!





Ephemere Delight

Delicious as always!

Everyone loves the Truffle Mints!

These mints are our favorite all time chocolate - and everyone we give them to loves them too. I like the 6 oz. size because I give them as little thank you gifts to people. Spreading smiles with the delicious peppermint truffle Cremes!

Glorious chocolate covered Bing Cherries

Came in good and “fresh” condition. They taste heavenly as always! Dilettante is one Confectioner whose product quality and workmanship remain consistent through the years! I just hope it is more affordable as a gift for family and friends at Christmastime.

What happened to you?

Maybe this is a different Dilettante than I've enjoyed and raved about literally for decades. It's been awhile since I 've ordered. What happened to the exquisite chocolate truffles in amazing subtle flavors in silver boxes? I ordered a JAR of the truffle cremes for a friend and snuck a few pieces out of it.

A crushing disappointment to the point that I cannot give it to my friend.

I used to make a small box last for a week. It was thr most amazing chocolate, better than any premium brand. Now it's tasteless with no texture or subtley of flabors. Rasberry, orange, chocolate creme, neautifully crafted and boxed. I should have known from the proce now that something was amiss. No premier chocolate is wrapped in foil. Maybe youbsold the company?

I guess nothing lasts.

My review of the bean, they are delicious! Customer service though I have called multiple times and haven’t heard back over the last month…..


My brother gave these to me years ago as a gift and I have been hooked on them ever since. No better dessert in the world.

Fresh, smooth, chocolatey and just the right amount of peppermint.

Delightful petite dessert

Always your truffles are wonderful, with rich creamy melt in your mouth delight. I am so glad that you are a business which continually achieves a best of chocolate. Thank you


I like the new colors they wrap the cherries in. Just as tasty as always, although I still miss the variety of fruits and colors they once used, as well as the round, decorative packages.

Ruby Cacao Bing Cherries

Beautiful & attractive packaging. In good condition. Bought it cuz the price is reasonable. Am saving it for my brother & my niece who are visiting from abroad. I have no doubt they are good, as all Dilletante quality products!

Love it.

A perfect gift for a friend and for myself

These chocolate truffles boosts my mood, makes me happy.

superb mint truffles

These are by far my favorite mint truffles, creamy melt in your mouth addictive .
Thank you for creating such a superb taste treat.

One of My Favorite Flavors

They're easy to chew, are very milk chocolatey, and are delicious. I love the color.


The absolute best dark chocolate ever. Creamy smooth melts in your mouth releasing flavors to elusive to describe. Thank you for your creation.🤗

Go to the source....

Purchasing directly from Dilettante is seamless and timely, with expedited shipping in packaging that protects the product. Highly recommended after bad experiences purchasing through intermediaries.

Dark Chocolate TruffleCremes - 20 oz

Assorted TruffleCremes Pouch *New Mix* - 20 oz
Holly DeGrazia
Yummy as always

Truly adore the blood orange! The pomegranate is great, too!