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Purchasing directly from Dilettante is seamless and timely, with expedited shipping in packaging that protects the product. Highly recommended after bad experiences purchasing through intermediaries.

Dark Chocolate TruffleCremes - 20 oz

Yummy as always

Truly adore the blood orange! The pomegranate is great, too!

Peppermint Truffles?

Called and inquired about Peppermint Truffles and was told in stock this week. Two weeks went by, still out of stock, so I purchased TWO Assorted TruffleCremes Pouch which the packging indicates DARK CHOCOLATE, PEPPERMINT, BLOOD ORANGE, POMEGRANTE and MOCHA.
BOTH packages has ZERO peppermint. ENTIRE HALF of the packaging, about 60% are the red packaging - which is both Pomegrante and Blood Orange. Less than 6 each of Mocha and handful of unlabelled gold packaging <— Dark?
Rather disappointing.

Candy cane truffles

These are so delicious!

Berry Mix - 32 oz
payson arizona
terrific chocolates

the chocolate and the fruit taste wonderful

My favorite!

I love them!
I buy them in bulk 😃

terrific chocolates

the chocolate is perfect and the fillings are even better

One of the few times that Darkness is good!

These chocolates are perfect for our Easter Celebration!

Best available

I am seriously addicted to these cherries. Best I have ever had!

The best chocolate that never had!!

Please bring it back to Walmart I used to buy there,I always buy like 5 in the first round!! I just love they’re amazing 🤩

Love them

There is nothing better than Dilettante chocolates. My husband is hooked on them and panics when he is running out. They really are delicious.

As good as they always were!!
Thank you!

Delicious like always

Creamy minty chocolate

Make sure you purchase the jar container. The packaged mints are different tasting.

Delicious !

High quality, delicious treat for any occasion.

Coming back for more

I found Dilettante Chocolates in a Bartell's store on the west side of our state They do not have those particular stores on the east side of the state - certainly not in our area. So, every time I would go visit my folks on the west side - I looked for Dilettante Chocolates. If they happened not to carry them at the moment I was always so disappointed. Due to extenuating circumstances, I did not go online to order. Now I can and am just delighted. I LOVE DILETTANTE CHOCOLATES!!!

It was gift for a friend and they loved it!!

Amazing cherry bing

Im just obsessed with this cherry bing,I used to buy it at Walmart but they no selling anymore ☹️im so happy I found you again..🤩




I keep buying these chocolates because they’re super!!

I like the new bag size.

I actually ordered the Ranier cherries by mistake. I meant to order the Bing cherries and did so when I got the ranier cherries and realized my mistake. I prefer the bings, but these are pretty good. Glad I could order a size bigger than the 8 oz bag, and smaller than the 5 lb bag!

Inconsistent quality

I’ve been a Bing cherry fan of this company for years. I tried the Rainiers when they first came out, and were absolutely scrumptious. Then I re-ordered before Christmas.., and was stunned at the poor quality: like others reported, pocked chocolate allowed cherries to get air, turning them crackly-crunchy. Substandard chocolate coverage, tiny bits of chocolate in the bag. Unfortunately I waited too long to open the 2 bags I ordered, to be able to claim a refund. My advice: don’t wait to sample them if you buy these!

These are really delicious!

Sent as Valentine's gift for a good friend. She loved them! They were a big hit, and perfect for her.