Warm Weather Shipping Policy 2022

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How Dilettante Ships Chocolate Safely

Temperatures in the United States are rising, and Dilettante’s Warm Weather Shipping Policy is now in effect. Chocolates shipped in warm weather risk melting before they arrive at the door. To combat issues caused by the heat, Dilettante takes special precautions to send chocolates during the spring and summer seasons.

Moving forward, Dilettante will ship all online orders with ice packs, keeping the packages cool. However, the heat-protective packaging only lasts for 48 hours. To keep the chocolates intact, any orders placed after 11 a.m. Pacific Time Wednesday through Sunday will not be processed until the following Monday.

After placing an order, all customers will receive a shipping confirmation email. Attached to this email will be a shipping method and tracking number. Dilettante recommends using this information to pick up the chocolates as soon as they arrive to prevent any heat damage.

The Warm Weather Shipping Policy applies to any product containing perishable chocolate. Some items, such as ground and whole bean coffee, will be shipped as usual.

Customers can expect these precautions to cause higher than usual shipping costs. Due to the increased cost, Dilettante cannot offer free shipping on orders over $150. Dilettante’s standard shipping will resume after the summer when temperatures return to normal.

From everyone at Dilettante Chocolates, we would like to thank you for your patience and understanding at this time. With these precautions in place, Dilettante can confidently and safely send chocolates during the warm summer season.

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