Ethically Sourced Chocolate

Cocoa Horizons

By partnering with Cocoa Horizons, we can ensure the cocoa we use is ethically sourced and produced in an environmentally responsible manner that benefits both farmers and chocolate consumers. Through Cocoa Horizons, Barry Callebaut provides training and resources to help farmers improve their agricultural practices, increase productivity, and produce high-quality cocoa beans. The program also supports community development projects, such as building schools and health centers, and provides access to education and healthcare for farmers and their families.

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Rainforest Alliance

By partnering with Rainforest Alliance, we enhance our sustainability efforts, credibility, and market reputation. We gain access to valuable resources, expertise, and technical support, enabling us to implement sustainable practices. By engaging with Rainforest Alliance, we contribute to environmental preservation, improve our supply chain sustainability, and positively impact local communities. Overall, our partnership with Rainforest Alliance drives positive environmental and business outcomes.

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With our new Milk Chocolate Covered Rainier Cherries and Peppermint Truffles packaging, we've replaced the previous materials like metallized film with LDPE, a recyclable plastic, which can be recycled anywhere plastic bags are accepted. Click the link below to search for a participating location in your area.

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