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Dilettante Chocolates Dark Chocolate Ephemere Truffles
Dilettante Chocolates Dark Ephemere Truffles

The Signature Flavor of Dilettante: Ephemere

Among all of Dilettante’s gourmet confections, Dilettante’s signature Ephemere flavor remains its crown jewel. With years of iteration, this flavor represents Dilettante's dedication to its chocolate craftsmanship. Ephemere features strong tones of lightly browned butter, caramelized cream, and a hint of vanilla. This delicious flavor is unique to Dilettante and remained as its most iconic flavor for over four decades.

Origin of Ephemere

Derived from the word ephemeral, Ephemere presents a brief, fleeting experience. Dilettante’s founder, Dana Davenport, discovered the Ephemere flavor from the Master Culinary Notebooks written by his great uncle, Julius Frazen. Julius served as a Master Pastry Chef to Franz Joseph I of Austria and presented his craft on the tables of the Royal Hapsburgs in Vienna.

Ephemere received its name from its remarkable consistency and flavor profile. Ephemere truffles were so light and luscious it was as if they could dissolve in thin air. By the time Dilettante opened its doors in 1976, the Ephemere recipe had achieved perfection.

While much has changed in Dilettante’s 45-year history, Ephemere remained as Dilettante’s signature flavor.

Dilettante Chocolates Ephemere Truffles Arranged in a Circle

Unforgettably Smooth Flavor

Ephemere is made through a proprietary cooking method to give it its unique qualities. Unlike any other chocolate flavor, the chocolate takes on a velvety smooth quality by uniting caramelized butter, sugar, and cream.

Refusing to cut corners, Dilettante uses premium ingredients to create its chocolate without including any oils or hydrogenated fats. Instead, Dilettante uses real cane sugar, vanilla beans, and natural cocoa butter, creating this distinct chocolate taste.

The result is a clean and pure chocolate taste. For decades, this flavor has remained a beloved favorite, delighting even the most discerning chocolate connoisseurs.

Dilettante Chocolates Ephemere Chocolate Drizzled into a Small Glass Bowl Against a White Background

Ways to Experience Ephemere

The specialty truffles come in milk and dark chocolate variations, made with 33% cacao and 63% cacao, respectively. Each truffle is crafted by hand, giving enough time and attention to each one to deliver the best flavor possible.

Using variations of the original chocolate ganache centers, Dilettante formulated Ephemere chocolate sauces. These sauces are perfect for creating elegant hot chocolate, mochas, or ice cream sundaes.

Ephemere TruffleCremes come from a blend of West African and South American cacao (53%). These TruffleCremes present a similar flavor to traditional truffles but come in a lighter and smoother form.

No matter how Ephemere is enjoyed, expect a deep, rich, and smooth chocolate flavor in every bite.

Dilettante's Signature Dark Chocolate Ephemere TruffleCremes