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I keep buying these chocolates because they’re super!!

I like the new bag size.

I actually ordered the Ranier cherries by mistake. I meant to order the Bing cherries and did so when I got the ranier cherries and realized my mistake. I prefer the bings, but these are pretty good. Glad I could order a size bigger than the 8 oz bag, and smaller than the 5 lb bag!

Inconsistent quality

I’ve been a Bing cherry fan of this company for years. I tried the Rainiers when they first came out, and were absolutely scrumptious. Then I re-ordered before Christmas.., and was stunned at the poor quality: like others reported, pocked chocolate allowed cherries to get air, turning them crackly-crunchy. Substandard chocolate coverage, tiny bits of chocolate in the bag. Unfortunately I waited too long to open the 2 bags I ordered, to be able to claim a refund. My advice: don’t wait to sample them if you buy these!

These are really delicious!

Sent as Valentine's gift for a good friend. She loved them! They were a big hit, and perfect for her.

People pleaser

I sent these to my BFF as a surprise Valentine’s gift. They have been her favorites since she discovered them years ago. She was thrilled and said they are delicious! Thank you for a consistently great product!

No vegetable oils!!

I found your peppermint truffle cremes at Costco during the Christmas holidays. I avoid any vegetable oils if I can and your chocolates where THE ONLY ONES made with butter and NO nasty vegetable oils. Thank you so much. Not only healthier but so yummy.

Chocolate Covered Bing Cherries - 5 oz

Candy Cane TruffleCremes in Milk Chocolate - 28 oz

Great chocolates

These are real good chocolates with a just the right amount of peppermint


Love them all

Raspberry creme truffles

I love your raspberry creme truffles. Are you ever going to get them back?

toffee crunch

I love them, I wish they were sold in stores again

Chocolate Cherry Heaven

Yummy confection, first class service

The chocolate tasted old …Stale


will you go back to distributing them at costco's?

A perfect gift for yourself or any coffee and chocolate aficionado!

We purchased these well received Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean Blend assortments as Christmas gifts and for ourselves. These got us through the holidays and are so good that you had to watch how many you ate, because after all - they are coffee beans. Highly recommend!

I love these chocolate coffee beans. Awesome the best!!!


Such quick delivery. I order every Christmas. So yummy!

Dark Chocolate

I very much like Dilettante's chocolate-covered fruit over its competitors. While the chocolate looked dark in the illustration, the description labelled it as milk chocolate. It's probably a more concentrated version of milk chocolate. It's bitter to me. So I'll follow the color of the chocolate from now on.
I'm just sorry they no longer make the larger variety of covered fruits they used to (apricots, acai berries, etc. enrobed in colored chocolate), nor do they offer the variety of packaging they once did (partitioned trays, large canisters of mixed fruit, etc.). They made great gifts but, now, if you just want the fruit, you're stuck with regular bags instead of pretty packaging.

Blueberries seems to have changed over the years, have gotten the in the large tray with other fruits. There have a different taste. Disappointed. Would like to be able to get the tray.

Epicurean Delight

I recently tasted my first one. I was at my hairdressers and noticed them hiding from the clients. I grabbed one and it was absolutely the most delicious, rich candy I’ve ever had!! I managed to pilfer about 5 more. I saved a wrapper so I could find you in the internet! Voila, I am here. Only problem, you’re sold out. So left my email to get some when they are back in stock! Absolutely fantastic chocolate!!

Dilettante chocolate covered fruit medley is the best!

I fell in love with Dilettante's Fruit Medley wheel and jars. Please bring them back! I miss the apricots, strawberries, and cranberries.

Dilettante chocolate fruit medley is great

I stumbled upon Dilettante chocolate fruit medley (cherries, apricots, blueberries, cranberries, and strawberries) a decade ago. Best food I ever enjoyed. Where did the Chocolate Fruit Medley Wheel / bag / jar go? Christmas giving was sad in 2023 without Dilettante's Fruit Medley to give.

Dilettante is the best*

Ever since discovering Dilettante's chocolate coverer fruit, I have been a raving fan. Where did the Chocolate Fruit Medley Wheel / bag / jar go? I give those as the best gifts.