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Dilettante Chocolates

Chocolate Covered Bing Cherries - Bulk 5 lb

  • Real dried cherries, locally sourced
  • Premium milk chocolate coating
  • Bulk-sized bag for sharing
  • Perfect for parties
  • Total net weight: 5 lb

Bing cherries are large, dark cherries originally from the Pacific Northwest. These cherries are covered in gourmet chocolate and are one of the best-loved confections of Dilettante Chocolates. Compared to the Royal cherry, these chocolate Bing cherries provide a richer cherry flavor.

Each cherry in this 5-lb bulk bag is made with local dried Bing cherries. These cherries are first dried and then undergo a process called dragée to coat them in chocolate. This process involves gently tumbling fruit in specialty revolving kettles to surround the fruit centers. The Bing cherries are coated in milk chocolate and colored to a dark red hue.

The finished product is a remarkably smooth chocolate-fruit creation with a firm texture and gourmet chocolate taste. The perfect process ensures no cracks or blemishes on the chocolate shell.

Dilettante sources its premium Bing cherries from local Pacific Northwest farmers. This ensures each bite of Bing cherry delivers a savory and vibrant flavor.

Receive the best value when buying decadent chocolate fruit candy. This five-pound resealable bag will ensure plenty of chocolate-covered fruit for any home or office. Use for refilling candy dishes, save for special events and parties, or indulge personally in this irresistible chocolate fruit flavor.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Estelle Petersen

Very good

Judy Boyd

Xlnt but expensive

Darrell Schulden

Chocolate Covered Bing Cherries - Bulk 5 lb


Usually order 2 24 oz bags every Christmas season. Now you don't sell the 24 oz bags. The 5 pound bag is more than I need, You must not sell many 5 pound bags. Do they just sit there until the holidays? Because the bag I received has very old cherries. The chocolate is fine but the cherries are very hard and tough to chew. The chocolate even falls off as soon as you bite into it. Very disappointed in this order.

Laura Duggan

My guilty pleasure