Dilettante Chocolates Master Notebook Written By Julius Franzen in the Year 1898
Dilettante Master Recipe Notebooks

A Passion for Chocolate Since 1898

Inspired by a long family tradition of candy and pastry making dating back to 1898, Dana Davenport founded Dilettante Chocolates in 1976 in the vibrant Capitol Hill district of Seattle, Washington. From humble roots as a neighborhood chocolate and coffee shop, Dilettante has blossomed into something much more. Featuring a full line of gourmet chocolates, confections, pastries, and artisan coffee, our craft continues to be celebrated and shared. Use the timeline below and experience our history.

1898 - 1920: Julius Franzen

Julius Franzen Photo

Dilettante’s Story begins with a man named Julius Rudolf Franzen. According to family journals, Julius left his home in Mediash, Hungary, to start a confectionery apprenticeship in Budapest at 12 years old. Due to his talent, Julius quickly received work across Europe and traveled to Vienna, Paris, and Russia.

In 1906, Julius became the Master Pastry Chef to his most famous patron, the last great Hapsburg emperor, Franz Joseph I. Dilettante would later name its signature Viennese medium roast coffee, The Hapsburg, to pay homage to Julius' work.

Throughout his experience as a confectioner, Julius compiled recipes in his Master Notebook. Inside were various recipes for chocolates, pastries, and other confections. This notebook served as an inspiration for his great-nephew and Dilettante founder, Dana Taylor Davenport.

Julius traveled with his mother, Anna, and sister, Ottilia, to America in 1910. After arriving at Ellis Island, Julius rode by train to Portland, Oregon, where the family decided to settle. Two years later, Julius established his first confectionary enterprise in America, the Chocolate Truffle Company.

The same year, Ottilia Franzen would marry Earl Remington Davenport, uniting the Franzen and Davenport families. Decades later, the diligent work and written recipe notebooks of Julius Franzen would lead to the creation of Dilettante Chocolates.