Dilettante Chocolates

Chocolate Covered Bing Cherries - 20 Oz

  • Milk chocolate shell
  • Real dried Bing cherry centers
  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Perfect for sharing
  • Total net weight: 20 oz

Chocolate Covered Bing Cherries are a classic Dilettante treat. Larger and darker than regular cherries, these Bing cherries offer a rich flavor. Picked from the Pacific Northwest, these cherries are coated in milk chocolate for creating a gourmet-quality chocolate-covered fruit treat.

These Bing cherries receive a flawless chocolate shell using specialty revolving kettles. These kettles tumble each of the cherries gently in Dilettante’s premium chocolate blends. The finished product is remarkably smooth, with no blemishes or cracks and an even chocolate-fruit taste.

This 20-ounce bag of Bing cherries is the perfect amount to share with others. Use to refill candy dishes at any home or office to enjoy chocolate-covered Bing cherry flavor throughout the day. Sourced from local Pacific Northwest farmers and combined with all-natural ingredients, these Bing cherries present an unrivaled taste.

Customer Reviews

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John Nadler
Best Value and delicious

As above. One doesn't need to add anything other than comment to management not to run out of stock....especially over the Christmas holidays!!!

Not The Same And Not As Good

I have loved and purchased dozens of bags of this product over the last 5 years. I last purchased in February to replenish my supply obtained over Christmas. The recipe must have changed recently because they are not the same as the ones I have always enjoyed. I've done a side to side taste comparison with the product I purchased in December 2020 against the newly purchased one from March 2021. The chocolate coating is brittle, not slightly soft. the chocolate's mouth feel is a bit gritty, not creamy. And the flavor is one dimensional--just milk chocolate, not the layered flavor or white and milk. I am very disappointed in these changes. i still have a few of the prior recipe's chocolate covered cherries that I am rationing. I tried to like the new version, but no go. They are in my compost. Beware if you are a returning customer like me--these are not the excellent and unique chocolate covered cherries that Dilettante used to produce.

Product changed!

Love your cherries and have bought them for years. They have always had a dark red chocolate coating that is very attractive in my mix of nuts and candy. However, this time they are coated in brown chocolate and is not the same as the image shown on your website. I'm very disappointed.


I used to buy the 3 lb. bottle of chocolate covered fruit medley but I found the Bing cherries to be the best in the assortment. So in my second to the last order I got 2 of the 20 oz. pack. In my last order, the 20 oz. pack was unavailable so I settled for 4 of the 8 oz. pack. Now (3 days later) the 20 oz. pack is back :-) . I wish this product was available in a 3 lb. bottle as the 5 lb. bag is a bit overwhelming. Although I might just order the 5 lb. bag next time so there is more to share.