Dilettante Chocolates

Chocolate Covered Blueberries - Bulk 5 lb

  • Premium quality milk chocolate
  • Real dried blueberry centers
  • Bulk size, excellent for parties
  • Blueberries are a great source of antioxidants
  • Total net weight: 5 lbs.

Chocolate-covered blueberries have been a longstanding favorite of Dilettante Chocolates. Premium dried blueberry centers are surrounded by the highest quality couverture chocolate blends for a delicious treat throughout the day.

Dilettante’s chocolate-covered blueberries are made through a special process called dragée. This process begins in special revolving kettles which gently coat dried blueberry centers into a milk chocolate blend. After being sufficiently surrounded, the blueberries are colored to a vibrant blue hue, to create a beautiful chocolate fruit candy morsel.

The finished product is a smooth and chewy treat, perfect for any fruit lover. The tart taste of blueberry makes for a delicious contrast with the rich flavor combination of milk chocolate and a delicious dried blueberry center. Each ingredient in these blueberries is all-natural for a clean and refreshing taste.

This five-pound resealable bag ensures there are plenty of chocolate blueberries to share. Use these blueberries to refill candy dishes, create small gift bags, or keep them at an office for an energizing and delicious treat.

Chocolate Covered Blueberries Nutrition Facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Annette Inker
One of My Favorite Flavors

They're easy to chew, are very milk chocolatey, and are delicious. I love the color.

Michelle Pace

Delicious will order again….

Doug M
Love the Blueberries

Really good candy covered blueberries

peter scibetta



I've always been a big fan of these choc blues since my first taste where they were repackaged and sold at local grocers in Seattle. Unfortunately, this bag seems stale and I am very discouraged from buying them ever again.