Dilettante Chocolates

Chocolate Covered Rainier Cherries - 22 oz

  • Milk chocolate coating
  • Real dried Rainier cherry centers
  • Made with a specialty coating method
  • Total net weight: 22 ounces

Rainier cherries are larger and brighter than regular cherries, and as one might expect, they are sweeter too. These cherries are picked in the Pacific Northwest and paired with natural ingredients for a fresh taste in each resealable bag.

Dilettante surrounds each dried Rainier cherry in milk chocolate to create each of these colorful treats. Made using specialty revolving kettles, each Rainier cherry has a smooth finish without cracks or blemishes.

People who already enjoy chocolate cherries may find a new favorite in this 22-ounce resealable pouch. The 22-Ounce bag of cherries is perfect for sharing with friends and family or keeping in a candy dish around the house or office. No matter how or where they are enjoyed, expect a light and luscious flavor from each of these chocolate-covered gems.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Maria Cristina Sanchez

I keep buying these chocolates because they’re super!!

Cathie Orlowski
I like the new bag size.

I actually ordered the Ranier cherries by mistake. I meant to order the Bing cherries and did so when I got the ranier cherries and realized my mistake. I prefer the bings, but these are pretty good. Glad I could order a size bigger than the 8 oz bag, and smaller than the 5 lb bag!

Inconsistent quality

I’ve been a Bing cherry fan of this company for years. I tried the Rainiers when they first came out, and were absolutely scrumptious. Then I re-ordered before Christmas.., and was stunned at the poor quality: like others reported, pocked chocolate allowed cherries to get air, turning them crackly-crunchy. Substandard chocolate coverage, tiny bits of chocolate in the bag. Unfortunately I waited too long to open the 2 bags I ordered, to be able to claim a refund. My advice: don’t wait to sample them if you buy these!

Troy McClure
Dilettante is the best*

Ever since discovering Dilettante's chocolate coverer fruit, I have been a raving fan. Where did the Chocolate Fruit Medley Wheel / bag / jar go? I give those as the best gifts.

Benjamin Coffman
Boo.. The Rainier Cherries are a huge disappointment! Bring back the Bings!

It’s my wife’s tradition to get me Dilettante chocolate covered bing chocolates every year for Christmas, but for some reason, dilettante stopped making them and replaced them with chocolate covered Rainier cherries. The chocolate is great, but the cherries are hard, crunchy (in a bad way) and overall not good. I love look forward of the one indulgent pleasure of the bing chocolates, and the Rainiers don’t even come close… Pkease bring them back!!